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We offer our clients a FREE SERVICE with MULTIPLE BENEFITS: first; we give you access to Galveston TX Apartment Listings, second; we list Galveston apartment specials and offers, and third; we offer FREE support via phone, text, email or live-chat!

Why work with a Galveston TX Apartment locator?

We offer a FREE service to Galveston Apartment Renters, we offer multiple benefits such as specials, discounts and rebates and no negatives.  We do not cost you anything, in fact we are the opposite, we save our clients money on their rent (specials & discounts) and we even put money back in our clients pockets via apartment lease rebates.

How do apartment Galveston TX Apartment locators get paid?

We work with nearly all Galveston TX Apartments who pay us a referral fee for referring clients to their properties.  We are paid by the apartment as a part of their marketing budget to attract new renters to their properties.  From this referral fee comes the lease rebates that we offer our clients.

How much of a rebate will I receive from my apartment locator?

Your rebate amount depends upon your rent terms (3+, 6+ or 12+ month lease), your monthly rent amount, and the apartments agent referral payout amount.  Our typical client rebates usually ranges from $100-250, we can payout more or less depending upon the factors mentioned above.  If you want an estimate on what we can offer you please do not hesitate to ask.  Be wary of other agents offering more, most of the time its just a deceptive marketing tactic.

What do I need to do to receive specials, discounts and rebates from my apartment locator?

You need to involve us in the Galveston TX apartment rental process; this means we need to set appointments for you, possibly escort you to properties.  Please contact us PRIOR to calling for visiting Galveston TX Apartments.  Our only goal is to help you save money and put money back in your pocket!

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